Tuesday, June 03, 2008

So let it be written, so let it be done

While I ponder Sacred Causes, have a look at these.

Wow, I somehow missed the fact that the Silver Jews have a new album on the way. This blog has the first new song called Strange Victory, Strange Defeat. Perhaps an allusion to the dueling histories of the Fall of France? Perhaps not. This blogger has the fine sense to post both New Orleans and the Wild Kindness, songs you really need.

The LA Times interviews Alan Furst. He admits plot is not his genius:

Because I'm incapable of creating a plot. So what I learned to do early was to find some particular operation done by one of the secret services in one of the countries and make it my plot, and that's basically what you have in "The Spies of Warsaw."

Huzzah for Bob Barr! Unlike Libertarian Ron Paul, Barr has returned funds from the notorious Nazi site Stormfront. In honor of his telling the Nazis what for, here is Jello Biafra doing the same.

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