Thursday, January 31, 2008

Reading on a jet plane

I faced my nightmare scenario yesterday; a long (20 hour) journey with inappropriate books. Three of the four I had didn't work out. While I usually quite like Charles Stross, his Accelerando didn't do much for me. I had Dorothy Dunnett's Spring of the Ram, but I think my brain was too tired for it. I know my brain my too tired for A Consumer's Republic. I suspect I will give the last two another try. I suppose there is a reason that books are called airplane reads.

The only book that worked well in the circumstances was Charles Todd's A Fearsome Doubt. On the plus side I actually slept thanks to Benadryl. Otherwise it would have been hours spent with films of the Rush Hour 3 caliber. I didn't appreciate the fact that the United Airlines hostess taunted we in the cattle car section with the much better film selection in business class.

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Anonymous said...

I think everyone agrees. You want a book that is fast paced and easy to get into to. So much so, I've started a category on my site "Books On A Plane". No more duds at high altitudes.