Monday, January 21, 2008

I wonder if he speaks like an ordinary guy

Arnel Pineda of the Philippines is the Rich Little of our times. His talent is mimicking the singing of a wide range of rock and pop acts. Here he is on Rush's Tom Sawyer. That alone is impressive, most impressive, but he is also strong on Steve Perry ( he nails this one), the Worst Song of All Time, Anthony Kiedis, and Bryan Adams. So yeah, there is the commonality of the high pitch voices, but he gets the styles so nicely.


Anonymous said...

Interesting to note: Neil Schon, guitarist of Journey, saw these videos on YouTube. He asked the kid to audition for Journey - and now the kid is Journey's lead singer. Will be touring 2008.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I followed the Rich Little link. Seems to me that there might be a linguistic loophole, which must be addressed immediately, if one may properly refer to Rich Little as the "King of the Impressionists." Monet experts may disagree. Unless the website was considering Little's use of light, texture, and brushstrokes, along with his ability to contort his face.

Tripp said...

You are no doubt forgetting Little's legendary 24 hour show at the Met where he gave us impressions of Richard Nixon on every hour. As time progressed, we learned more about Nixon's character.

One reviewer noted she had a new sympathy for the ex-President based on Little's nuanced portrayal of a man fighting intense bouts of paranoia.