Saturday, January 19, 2008

16 Blocks

When I visit the library I usually swing past the DVD section. Normally I am looking for something way down on my Netflix list (like The Passenger, which I picked up last week,) but I will also pick up a title that someone has mentioned. Someone out there told me to see 16 Blocks so I did. For what it is, a chase thriller, it is a reasonable night's entertainment.

The movie starts with Bruce Willis's aging cop taking Mos Def, a witness 16 blocks to a hearing. It turns out someone wants Mos Def dead, and as you might wager, even a tired, alcoholic, broke-down Bruce Willis isn't going to stand for that. The movies moves across New York as Willis and Def avoid their numerous and well armed pursuers. It moves along predictably enough and ends about as you might expect.

Despite having seen similar things before, the movie has some nice moments of tension, one interesting plot twist and generally moves at a pace fast enough to hold interest. Just like there are times when you want to read a simple mystery novel, there are times when you want a thriller that doesn't require deep thought or that leads to quiet reflection. This is that movie.

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