Thursday, November 01, 2007

With just a touch of my burning hand

Slacktivist, a site run my politically moderate evangelical has a years long project analyzing Left Behind, page by page, arguing among other things that it is both crap and not representative of mainstream Christian thought. I like LaHaye and Jenkins bashing almost as much as Ayn Rand bashing. Here is a sample:

Thus Tolkien, a devout Christian, is a "secular" writer. His great epic, which is infused with and shaped by his own Christian faith while incorporating aspects of the anything-but-"secular" Norse and Arthurian mythologies, is therefore -- to LaHaye and to Gates -- a "secular" book. It doesn't matter to them that some of its main characters, such as Tolkien's wizard Gandalf, are deities of a sort. When the gods themselves -- and the devil too -- are described as "secular," it's difficult to know what that word is supposed to mean. (Perhaps it means "well-crafted" or "entertaining.")

And more pointedly

But if the world is going to end, is it really necessary to tie up your money in a Roth IRA? Does Jenkins invest in 30-year bonds? What about his mortgage? (Is it ethical to sign a 30-year mortgage agreement if you're certain that Jesus is coming back before the house will be paid off?) And what about the children and the grandchildren? Have they started college funds?

Both from this post.

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