Tuesday, November 27, 2007

D-U-M-B, Everyone's accusing me

I consider myself reasonably astute, but I astound myself with my cluelessness sometimes. Today, whilst returning from Trader Joes and savoring a flattened banana, I finally got what the Ramones were talking about in Howling at the Moon . Sha la las aside, here is how the song begins:

Ships are docking/Planes are landing/A never ending supply/No more narco/No more gangster/ Conservatives can cry.

Later in the song we hear: Keep it glowing, glowing,glowing/ I'm not hurting anyone

and in case we remain unclear we get Keep it glowing, smoking, glowing

No fooling, I thought this song was about economic redistribution. And since I first heard this song in the mid 80s, I have been thinking this for more than 20 years. My defense is that Joey is a well known old-school liberal and he talks about stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Incredibly weak, I know.

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