Thursday, November 29, 2007

Kids Gift Idea: Gail Gibbons

In her 135 non-fiction children's books, Gail Gibbons has covered a lot of subjects. Her recent books include one on snakes, dinosaurs, coral reefs, vegetables, galaxies and ice cream. Her books are great because they appeal to a wide range of ages. The youngest children (2-4) will like the playful images and the basic text. Older children (4-8) will enjoy the more-in depth information she provides about her subjects. She packs quite a bit into these books and she presents it so clearly that children will be eager to learn and read more.

One of our favorite's is Tell Me Tree, which provides a surprising amount of information. If you are looking for fun, easy ways for you kids to learn about science and the world, these books are great choices.

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