Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I find my reaction to the death of Norman Mailer to be similar to that of NonAnon. I haven't read any, although thanks to Brack I have Ancient Evenings waiting on my bookshelf. While I haven't read it yet, I plan to read Shot in the Heart instead of Executioner's Song. To be honest, his books have always seemed really quite big, and I haven't had anyone telling my I had to read it regardless, as I did in cases like Pynchon or Barth.

Some interesting thoughts from Ross Douthot and others are here.


Anonymous said...

Tripp-bo, you still need to read Tough Guys Don't Dance. I read the Times obit and it mentioned that it was one of Mailer's favorites and it was certainly one of mine (other than The Naked and the Dead). Sven.

Tripp said...

Oh right, you told me about that one. Is it long? I am just wrapping up a monster fantasy novel and seek something brisk.

Anonymous said...

No, it's not that long. Pretty brisk read, I'd say.