Tuesday, May 01, 2007


The only mildly famous person with whom I went to high school was the red haired kid in the Forever Young video. Former CIA Director George Tenet can tell a better story. He went to school with the Hedgehog. I wonder if Amazon will start cross-promoting their books.

Marginal Revolution debates the merits of long books. Included is a link to someone blogging the reading of the new Pynchon.

Joanna posts a bit on"brown candy." My mental image is unpleasant.

Mitch Albolm is mercifully unknown in Britain, and this leads to the question as to whether British and American literary tastes are the wildly different. At the moment, Harry Potter, the new Tolkein and a book called the Secret are both popular, based on respective Amazon top listed books. I suspect when restricted to literary books, the lists would be even more similar.

China Mieville wants more agitprop in kid's books. It sounds more reasonable when he says he just wants a strong point of view.

Check out these amazingly detailed Russian cakes. Thanks HLK.


HLK said...

T - I was going to ask you if you had read or were going to read Tenet's book. For me, the title's enough - I dislike the concept. To me, it suggests that he believes, and is trying to convince the reader, that (1) the Iraq war situation (the war itself and the subsequent political hoo-ha) is a "Storm," i.e., a force of nature that no man can control and that arose without prompting or other human intervention; and (2) he was thrust into, or simply found himself, in the "center" through no fault of his own.

Or am I reading too much into it. I haven't read the book.

Tripp said...

I am not planning to read it. It looks too much like a CYA book like the Bremer one before it.

And yes your analysis of the title rings true. It certainly sounds better than "Whew! I really blew that one"

Brack said...

"The Wheels on the Bus [That Dick Cheney Threw me Under] Go 'Round and 'Round"