Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It used to be Espana Nuevo, it used to be Navajo

This brief review isn't strong, but you have to give a book points for having a title like A Cow is Too Much Trouble in Los Angeles. From, Reading California Fiction, another pleasing theme blog.

Here is a MP3 of John Hodgman describing Powell's in 30 seconds. I still turn to Areas of My Expertise whenever I need a laugh. His site links to Bruce Campbell singing a fave early 80s song for Old Spice. Awesome.

Click here to determine which historical lunatic you are. I am Charles VI, also known as the Mad, of France.

Here is a new candidate for GOP nomination that I can get behind.

Orion has caused a stir by producing edited versions of classic texts. Those wags at the NY Times asked a number of writers which books they want edited. My love of Christopher Buckley reaches new heights as he chooses Ayn Rand. Ann Patchett says that the famous Orwell books suck.

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Brack said...

I would have pegged you for Vlad Tepes.