Saturday, May 19, 2007

Thematic blogs

Well here is something fun. This fellow is reading all the Hugo and Nebula award winners and blogging about it. He's just gotten started, but it looks like it will be worth watching. I quite like these theme blogs. One of the best is the Criterion Contraption, which provides lengthy reviews of Criterion Collection DVDs. Another great one is Pop Songs 07 which is a review of REM songs. Did you know "Hyena" is about US foreign policy? Neither did I. Lots of good comments on that blog as well.

I suppose I could write about all the Bookers, as I have already read quite a few. And it is fun to have a reading list. I just went through one of my ritual library books purges. My standard behavior is to keep checking out books until I see I have far too many. Then I take them all back.

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Jeff Vehige said...

Thanks for the link to my Hugo & Nebula project!