Saturday, May 26, 2007

Delicious goodness

I've had great luck with the victuals of late. Today, I visted Elephant's Deli as my parents are great fans. I was sent to find a tasty beverage for my dad. Thinking the best I could manage would be a micro cola, I was shocked to see Elephant's is now offering milk shakes based on Ruby Jewels Ice Cream. Yes, the makers of the world's best ice cream sandwiches offer milkshakes. It's a delight, so get over to NW PDX. Or come to Portland at the very least.

Having enjoyed the day, I thought we needed to savor some tasty beer. My normal stop is the Beaumont Market, and I was surprised to see the Dog Fish Head Red & White. It has a nice fruitiness to it, which makes sense as it contains Pinot Noir juice and orange. Its not overly sweet, but I can see people feeling that way. At 10% ABV, it has the standard Dog Fish high test masquerading as light beer effect. Beware, but enjoy it.

On the same visit to Beaumont, a representative from Chimes Gourmet was promoting their ginger chews. I doubted that a peppermint ginger chew or a peanut butter ginger would be tasty. I wasn't too keen on the peanut butter, but the cool mint played nicely against the spice of the ginger.

Amazingly the taste delights continued. Last night I tried the Lemon Shaker Pie with Meyer Lemons. The basic pie recipe calls for sliced lemons macerated in sugar. The bitterness of the lemon rind can be a turn off, but the sweet rind Meyer Lemon makes for a knock out pie. If I didn't have a Perry's Chocolate Chip pie waiting for tomorrow night, I would have wrecked that lemon pie. I really need a bike ride.

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