Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Song of the South

I miss many a good book or movie each year, so it is no surprise that a band unknown to me can suddenly pop into my life. I heard a few good things about the Drive-By Truckers, so I grabbed a CD at the Multnomah County Library (that's right bitches, my library has rock CDs aplenty) I listened to Dirty South, and it is some fine listening. It is southern rock, but a harder, darker southern rock with hard luck tales aplenty. It sounds like a countryfied Soundgarden with populist lyrics about people in really bad situations, like selling drugs to cover the health costs for your cancer-ridden wife.

They tell an alternate story to the legend of Sheriff Buford Pusser (Walking Tall). You can catch it in the opening song of this bootleg. This is outlaw southern rock, and it feels a somewhat like hillbilly gansta rap. Check this band photo, if you didn't think these folks were for real, check the female bassist sipping a handle of bourbon. That's southron, yo. It reminds me what a bunch of candy asses West Coast drinkers are.

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