Thursday, July 27, 2006

On a submarine mission for you baby

Geez, while I myself cannot seem to get out of the heavy reading funk ( I just bought Fiasco) it doesn't mean I have to talk just about the heavy things. Here is a lighter book that is also light on the wallet, as it is in cheapie paperback form. Shadow Divers, a true story, concerns a group of deep sea divers who stumble across a submarine off New Jersey. They then seek to find out what the sub is and in so doing tell the story of extreme sea diving. It's really quick paced and fits in the learn something while being excited genre typified by the Perfect Storm. This is a really great summer read that will leave you far more satisfied that some form of airport fiction. It's like deciding to eat at the sandwich shop rather than at a fast food joint, more work but you won't feel like ass later.

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