Thursday, July 13, 2006

Sadly unfulfilled

Thanks to the wild nature of modern air travel, I spent the night in Houston last night. So as I wandered the hotel lobby I spotted Mr. Pibb Zero. Being a huge fan of both Pibb and Coke Zero, I thought I might have encountered a drink to knock Diet Dr. Pepper off its pedestal. I don't think I can say that it is the case, sadly. Of course the test was biased by my foolish consumption of a bit of sugar just before the Pibb Zero. All soda tasters know, you must have a neutral palate before trying a new beverage. Anyway, it had the fizzy froth of Coke Zero but lacked the depth of Pibb flavor. According to this site , Pibb Zero is available in less than 10% of US states so it is about as easy to get as an Ale 8 1. I guess I'm saying you don't have to be bummed about it.

I also just tried Ben and Jerry's Black and Tan. It's cream stout ice cream with a chocolate swirl. As Caesar said in History of the World, "Nice, not thrilling...but nice." There is no alcohol taste, but you do get that taste of cream almost like a Boddington's really. Still, don't drop your fave flavor for this one, it just isn't that exciting. I stopped after three bites which should give you a clue.

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