Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mixed linkage

With their oceans of content, it is not surprising that the Library of America is putting out a story of the week. I am happy though that the most recent is a relatively off the wall choice, Luella Miller by Mary Wilkins Freeman. It is from their American Fantastic Tales collection, which I dearly want.

The WSJ gives us a preview of some of the big new books coming this year. I am excited about the new Iain McEwan and the new Jennifer Egan. The big story is a book called the Passage by Justin Cronin. Cronin is a litfic writer who is turning to genre, in particular postapocalyptic vampire tales.

Here is an interesting interview of James Ellroy by David Peace. In it you can learn interesting things like the surprising fact that Ellroy is not a liberal (or doesn't consider himself one.) (via Sarah Weinman)

Here is a fun photo site dedicated to kids dressing up as superheroes. (Via Sullivan)

Woah, Tunnels just came up on Pandora. I forget how fucking awesome it is. Neon Bible is forgiven.

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