Friday, January 15, 2010

Baltimore, a vampire tale

Baltimore is a gothic tale about vampires sweeping the world during World War One and the one man who the vampires fear, Lord Baltimore. I had somehow gotten into my head that this was a graphic novel which it isn't. There are illustrations, but there is one in every five pages, not on every page.

You might think the book we be like Kim Newman's vampire stories. The feel though is very different. Newman's books read more like an alternate history. They take a question, what would it be like if vampires existed in the world, and then tell a story in a speedy thriller way. The humans in those worlds make peace with the vampires in their society. This book is much more dark. The world depicted is dimly lit with all sorts of terrors in the shadows and humanity may be on the way out.

Most of the book features characters other than Lord Baltimore. At the start of the book, Baltimore has summoned three men to aid him. While they wait, they share tales about their own experiences with the supernatural. Combined with the over arching tales of vampires and plagues stalking the land, the stories paint a picture of a troubled and alien Earth. The ending of the book is great as well.


Connie said...

I try and read most vampire books. This sounds like it may be something I will have to look into. Thanks for the information.

Tripp said...

It's dark, grim and moody, a sort of old school vampire tale. Give it a try. I hope you like it.