Sunday, January 17, 2010

I seem to be reading a lot of graphic novels lately

I read the great Dark Avengers and the so-so Ultimatum (best if you want to see lots of carnage and deaths of major characters.) I also just picked up Torso, a true crime graphic novel by Brian Bendis.

As the intial book in a new imprint called Vertigo crime and authored by crime writer Ian Rankin, you might expect Dark Entries to be a crime novel. You would in face be wrong. It is a John Constantine story, which means it is a supernatural tale. Constantine is hired by a TV crew to help out on a reality TV show with problems. The cast live in a faux haunted house, but begin to experience strange events the TV crew aren't manipulating. The crew calls in Constantine to investigate. Things then get strange.

While I enjoyed the story, it may be because I am neither a Rankin nor a John Constantine fan. If you are a strong fan of either, the story may vex you. The Amazon reviews (which you should not read as they are spoiler-laden) seem to indicate that long serious Constantine fans may not like the direction the book takes. Similarly, Rankin fans, who might expect his gritty, but realistic stories may be surprised that he has made what might pass for an X-Files episode.

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