Monday, November 02, 2009

Terror strikes the land

A fell wind blows from Detroit. It has been twelve years since the dark tide of Tuesdays with Morrie nearly crushed the spirit of America. We rested too easy while Albom was quiescent, but now the stars have re-aligned and he has returned with Have A Little Faith. This time the topic is interracial, interfaith relations. I suspect the glurge dial will be set to 11. Hug your children while there is still time.


Citizen Reader said...

GRRRRRR Mitch Albom. Who is still giving that man money? I dream of him and Jodi Picoult being thrown together in a to-the-death Ultimate Cage Match, but honestly, I wouldn't know who to cheer for.

Tripp said...

Well, you could make it easier on yourself by making the winner fight, say, James Patterson, while the loser had to drink day old lattes.