Friday, November 20, 2009

Some scifi for your 2010

io9 has a list of upcoming scifi titles for 2010. I am most excited for the Connie Willis time traveling book, although I wonder which road she will take. Her Doomsday Book, involving time travellers going back to the middle ages, is one of the biggest bummers of all time. Then there's To Say Nothing of the Dog, which is light hearted romp by comparison. The new one is called Blackout and it involves trips to London during WW2. Should be good. Can't say I am all that amped for any of the others, but you may get a charge.

Off the list, there is a new Alastair Reynold on the horizon, another far future one.

Dare we hope for Dance with Dragons? Related note: Will the Game of Thrones HBO series top the Wire?


kwandongbrian said...

Hey, GRRM is not your bitch!

Tripp said...

Thanks Neil Gaiman!

No, he isn't, but I would like to see it! The HBO show will tide us over.

kwandongbrian said...

Yeah, we may well see the whole HBO series before the next book comes out.

Tripp said...

More than likely, Brian.

I have been using the interim to try new fantasy series. Nothing really special yet, although I am looking forward to trying the Name of the Wind.