Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Well here is a place I need to visit, a hidden beer bar on NE Fremont. I am a tad ashamed that I live about 3 blocks from it and didn't know it existed.

Here is James Ellroy talking about something. Haven't watched yet myself.

Two beverages of note: La Folie from New Belgium Brewing, and Vita Coco. With its Fat Tire, New Belgium is the brewery that really won me over to American craft beer. I had since moved on to other breweries, but with the Lips of Faith program I am an avid fan once more. This one is not cheap at $14 a bottle, but it is a really special beer. Part of the odd sour beer family, this one is oddly refreshing with its cherry tang.

For those wanting non-alchoholic refreshment, the Vita Coco drinks are hard to beat. Made of "coconut water," they sound more like a waste product than something that costs as much as a beer. The taste is like an incredibly clean and pure Gatorade. I find it addictive.

Oh my, covers of each song off of Doolittle.

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