Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Big bads

Borders now has a scifi blog. The posts are VERY short, but still worth checking out. Right now Brian Sanderson, best known as the one chosen to complete the Wheel of Time, is writing. Here he asks people to name their favorite dragon. That's a good question. I am little more interested in the notion of favorite big scary monster. I think for me it is either the Shrike (he's made of razors!) or the horrifying slake-moth from Perdido Street Station. Thoughts?


Brack said...

Dragon? Trogdor. No contest.

Other monsters? Well, the Shrike is certainly up there with Cthulu; but I think I've got to go with two of Neal Asher's creations as current faves: the torbeast from "Cowl" and the Skinner from the eponymous novel.

Tripp said...

Nice on both counts Brack. The torbeast is fairly awesome. I think that Spatterjay wins for most badass ecology, no doubt.