Saturday, February 21, 2009

Peter Garrett

I think I knew that Peter Garrett was involved in the Australian Labor Party, but I had no idea he is a Minister in the Australian government. Why is this surprising? Before he became an MP, he was the lead singer of Midnight Oil. As you most likely recall, Midnight Oil was an intensely political, as well as intensely awesome band. Having the new Obama administration is great and all, but this is as if Ian MacKaye (what with his similar folical challenges) was now the Secretary of the Interior. Here are some Midnight Oils vids in order of favoriteness:

The Dead Heart


Forgotten Years


Anonymous said...

Hi - thought you might like to see this video on YouTube

Midnight Oil performed this weekend at the Sound Relief concert in Melbourne for the bush fire victims.

Our illustrious Minister for the Environment, the Arts and various other things that escape me was in fine form.

He's 55, bald and he dances like a canetoad on acid - but we love him!

check it out x JTL

Tripp said...

Thanks for the link!

Maybe already being bald and skinny helps, but he's quite good at 55! And he has still has the crazy moves. I wonder if will get some jokes in the next Cabinet meeting.

I was very sorry to hear of the terrible fires.