Saturday, February 07, 2009

Bermuda Triangle

I was on a trailer site this evening, when I spied this trailer for a horror movie called the Triangle. It might be a good movie, but the trailer is chock full of spoilers. So full I will most likely now avoid watching the movie. No huge loss, as most horror movies are crap. What matter more is that the Bermuda Triangle may finally get its due in pop culture.

When I was but a lad, the Triangle was pretty big, or at least I recall it being big. Other kids may have loved Roswell or Bigfoot, but I loved the Bermuda Triangle. Coming from a Navy town, the fate of a missing Navy flight and the disappearance of a Naval vessel, were already fascinating, but then you add the pure mystery of it and it is so much more intriguing. Like the related Mary Celeste and the vanished Terror and Erebus, these are the sorts of disappearances and mysteries you can mull over eternally. They also make for great science fiction stories as Dan Simmons demonstrated with the Terror.

The 70s saw some books on the subject as well as a board game (scroll down) with a swirling magnetized cloud that stole your ships. If someone like Milton Bradley figures it makes sense to make a game about a subject, it has to be pretty well embedded in the popular culture. Alas that has now changed. Since then, aliens have completely displaced the Triangle. Why can't there be more space for mysterious phenomena in pop culture?

You can find another Bermuda Triangle (in Afghanistan!) themed movie here. Maybe it is coming back?

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