Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Old Disney movies with the kids

My five year old daughter recently told me that she was feeling too old for cartoons, which is too bad for the large stockpile of cartoon DVDs, we have accumulated. In order to please my newly discerning offspring, I have been renting live action Disney movies for the little ones. Here are the results.

20,000 Leagues under the Sea: Still a good movie, but slow in parts. The kids loved that the Captain was named Nemo, the Whale of a Tale song (beware, it is sung incessantly in the movie) and of course they loved the squid fight. They didn't get the political context, and thought the undersea scenes were boring. Also a tad long, so consider the skip feature.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks. The kids liked this one quite a bit more. The use of cartoons was hilarious to them. Like Mary Poppins, the characters frequently break into song, such as Portobello Road with its parade of Royal subjects dance. There is something in this movie for everyone, with silly jokes, Nazis, ghostly knights, cats, singing and Roddy McDowall as a gold digging cleric.

The Black Hole. The surprise hit of the bunch. I think they just like the visuals as they don't really appear to be paying attention to the story. This one holds up surprisingly well, as a kids movie. Although it was clearly a reaction to Star Wars, it feels more like a 50s science fiction film with 70s swinger clothing. The kids also liked that the Captain looks like Captain Nemo.

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