Monday, February 04, 2008

Not the face of the one you love

I wager you noticed the Danzig song Mother used as background music for the Terminator TV show. Much though I make fun of him, this is a very good song and it is great to hear it on TV. The video made it clear that the Danzig of the Misfits and the fun Ramoneseque paeans to 50s and 60s horror and scifi movies was no more. No, in this video, he is become the Herald of Satan with lots of upside crosses, scary John Bunyan quotes, scary lighting and a ritual sacrifice scene. Watch this interview where Glen shows that he is both evil AND learned. A nice chaser is parody Danzig singing his grocery list.

Scanning the online Netflix movies I see that my second favorite (first favorite? Ghouls Night Out) Misfits song's title comes from an actual movie. Astrozombies rates an astonishing 2.5 out of ten on Imdb. Perhaps you can satisfy your curiosity with some film footage set to the song.

Update: While I felt the grocery list song was sufficient to balance out that insane interview, Brack believes that karmic justice demands that I post the video of Danzig getting clocked. Apparently his martial arts training didn't help.


Anonymous said...

That video for Skulls is priceless; reminds me of all that I love about Cox & Combes' Washington.

To balance out the dbaggery of Danzig holding court in his 'brary, you should link to that vid of Danzing taking a beatdown from that singer from the Northside Kings after their show.

Tripp said...

Ah yes, I will update.