Thursday, April 08, 2010

How did I not know Hampton Sides has a new book.

I love, love, love Hampton Sides' books. Ghost Soldiers is the sort of war book that people that hate war books will love. Blood and Thunder is a bit more dense but still great. His latest, Hellhound on his Trail, is about James Early Ray, his pursuit of MLK and then the FBI's massive manhunt for Ray. Must read this.


AC Sparks said...

Are you interested in an advance reading copy of HELLHOUND ON HIS TRAIL? Please email me at Also check out for a great interview with Hampton Sides.

Tripp said...

Thanks! Here is a direct link to the interview:

Anonymous said...

Agree on Sides - "Blood and Thunder" was a terrific book. I thought he did a great job by neither canonizing Kit Carson nor turning him into an extra from "Blood Meridian," either of which would have been the easy choice. The James Earl Ray book looks to be its equal (hey, I want an advance copy too!), although I will be REALLY impressed if he manages to turn Ray into even a marginally sympathetic figure. Steve