Monday, March 29, 2010

Lucky Day at the Kenton Library

Multnomah county citizens are wise enough to fund bond measures for libraries. I suspect that is why we keep getting refurbished libraries, like the small but very nice branch in Kenton. It's bright and open and is quite well laid out.

The most exciting thing though is the Lucky Day program. This program makes books that are normally buried under hundreds of holds available for checkout immediately. I saw the new ones from Crichton, Lethem, Russo and many others. The only rules are you can only check out two and you only get three weeks.

I went for Wolf Hall (which recently won the National Book Critics Circle award, having already won the Man Booker), a book I suspect I will like, but I am a little leery as at least one person I thought would like it is finding it a slog. Hitchens' review in the Atlantic makes me think it is probably great, but I worry it may require a knowledge of English history beyond my own.

In any case, I will now be adding the Kenton branch to my regular library visits.


Citizen Reader said...

How awesome is this idea? I've got to pass it along to librarians in my local public libraries.

Tripp said...

Please do! It's a great traffic driver and buzz builder and it will save the patrons a decent spot of cash. I'm excited about it.