Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In a non-reading funk

No books seem to be clicking this week. Even ones I think I would like aren't happening for me. Here are some I have put down.

Ordinary Thunderstorms - William Boyd. I know! On Monday, I was all excited. For naught, it seems. I just couldn't get into the characters. Oh well.

Moneyball - Michael Lewis. I heard such good things, but then I remembered that I really don't care about sports and even a really good sports book is unlikely to get me excited.

German Way of War - Robert Citino. My inability to get into this one proves I am in a funk. I usually love this sort of thing, but I wasn't enjoying the detail.

So what to do? I guess watch movies. I picked up the British one season (does that make it a miniseries) Ultraviolet. It's about a squad of British secret service officers who battle vampires (although the word is never used.) It's like a more somber X-files. I nearly gave up on the first episode, but found it improved. Wire fans will be excited to see Idris Elba in action.

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