Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weekend links

Here's one for those Americans who constantly bemoan how ignorant their fellow citizens are, especially when compared to the wise and learned Europeans. Well, judging by their reading habits, the English at least are right up there (or is it down there?) with the Americans. Care to guess who the most popular author (holding three of the top four slots) is among British library borrowers. None other than James Patterson. Follow the link for Tyler Cowen's thoughts. Here is the full list of the top 250 for 2009. I am amused that that top children's book is a Horrid Henry story. There is a series of American kids books called Horrible Henry, the titular character of which isn't really horrible. Horrid Henry is truly Horrid.

In seeking the right sound for the Wolfman movie, the movie team brought in Gene Simmons to howl.

I like this idea of a naval National Park in the Bay Area. The area already has a battleship rotting nearby and a carrier isolated at Alameda. They also have a liberty ship, a destroyer and a submarine. It could be quite the park and be unique as well.

Here is another from Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution. If there is anything this guy knows it is food. He has claimed to have found a candidate for the best BBQ in the US of A. If you live in Missouri, you should probably check out Lonnie Ray's, which an awesome name.

Finally, via SF Signal, is the awesome wacky 60s action show version of the Lost opening credits.

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