Thursday, February 04, 2010

I've got links, piles and piles, so many links that they're wastin'

Did I already post this list of Pavement B-sides? It's worth your time, especially since they nod their heads to Kentucky Cocktail, which is awesome. Can't find an original, but this live version is fairly sweet, the hook comes through perfectly, if some of the vocal goofiness is lost. Only problem is there is no Harness Your Hopes, which is easily as good as your favorite Pavement song. Why Malkmus is not better acknowledged for his guitar work and hooks is beyond me.

Speaking of the Nicene Creeders, check out Carrie Brownstein's letter from Portland, which ends with a Box Elder aftertaste.

Via Am Con Blog, check out Utne Reader's story of the Iraq war told via magazine covers.

I've seen lots of best of beers lists in the past few weeks. Most of the time, I look at them and get the same feeling I do when I drop by Pitchfork, namely, what the fuck is all this? I like this list from Wine Enthusiast, since it includes bottles that cost about as much as a six pack of crap beer, along with the $25 bottles from Russian River.

Check out the world's largest book.

Hee, hee Lost vs. Avatar in the LoLcats style.

Tyler Cowen doesn't like the new Henry Paulson book.

Looks like the Spanish are trying to out-weird the Japanese in game shows.

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christa @ mental foodie said...

Thanks for posting the Lost vs Avator link - too funny!