Saturday, December 12, 2009

Two shows in two days

Yowza, am I tired. I think I may be too old to go to two shows in two nights. Thank goodness radio friendliness (the shows were broadcast on KNRK) meant they ended early. Otherwise I would probably still be sleeping.

Anyway, night one was Vampire Weekend, night two was Spoon. The big surprise was Vampire Weekend. As a newish band, I expected to them to not have their stage show or presence down. No such problem! They came out dancing and kept the show moving the whole (admittedly short) show. The banter and crowd interaction was great.

Spoon was good too, especially when the horns came out and when they really rocked. The best song of the night was a new one, which bodes well.

One weird thing was the heavy use of vocal effects by both bands. Not a huge issue, but it was a little odd. On the plus side, for both bands, you could understand all the words, even of the new songs. Yay!


Neill said...

were they using Autotune , T?

Neill said...
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Tripp said...

You know I wondered, but I am not sure I know how you can tell.