Monday, October 26, 2009

Anyone like Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?

I was on the return flight from Atlanta yesterday when I started the much lauded Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I made decent headway into it, but put it down mid-flight. It was clicking. I'm not sure it was the book's fault as

A) I had just finished Blood's A Rover and loved it. The style of that book is so particular that it may have spoiled crime novels for a week or so.

B) I was tired. I was in a car for six hours and then got on a plane. The brain was not firing on all cylinders I assure you.

C) I was uncomfortable. The person in front of me kept adjusting her seat and the person next to me needed more room than an economy seat provides. I became more acquainted with the side of the plan than I would have liked.

So, I am thinking I should maybe try the book again. Any advice would be appreciated.


Citizen Reader said...

I started it and was decidedly "meh" about it. I always thought I'd go back to it someday, but I haven't yet...

Sorry. That's probably not the motivation you were looking for.

Tripp said...

Hey CR, sounds like your reaction was similar to mine. The chances of restarting grow smaller.

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