Monday, August 03, 2009

More fun with Harryhausen

A few months back I rented Jason and the Argonauts for the kids. They had been reading some Greek myths and I thought they might like the monsters. They liked even more than I expected/hoped, so I decided to follow up with a less seen film with Ray Harryhausen's effects. Yet again, the kids loved it.

The Valley of Gwangi is probably the world's only cowboys vs. dinosaurs movie. The plot is simple. A group of people try to revive a struggling rodeo show by bringing in creatures from the Valley of Gwangi. The Valley somehow has various beasties from pre-history including the eohippus and the allosaurus. It takes awhile to get to the creatures,but once it does, it is quite fun. The effects are impressive and there is more human interaction with the models than in some of the other Harryhausen films.

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