Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some covers

What better way to spend the evening that looking for covers?

Lily Allen - Straight To Hell. I don't know much about Lilly Allen, I am just happy she has recorded a cover of this lesser known Clash classic. And if you are curious, that is Mick Jones on backing vocals. Nice. I like that almost as much as Mick Jones playing a drunk biz traveller rocking the karaoke bar with Should I Stay or Should I Go in the movie Code 46.

Ian McGlynn - Mistaken For Strangers. A nice cover, but all the nicer for highlighting the lyrics. (Check the original - awesome song and video but it takes numerous listens to figure out what he is saying) This one takes the tried and true slow-it-way-down-and-play-it-acoustic approach. Don't mess with what works.

Hot Chip/Peter Gabriel - Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa. For Vampire Weekend fans only. This one contains the lyric "Feels so natural/Peter Gabriel too" (with a cheeky addition by Mr. Gabriel.

Ema and the Ghosts - Victoria. Ema rocks the ukulele on this one. I will always and forever love the Sonic Youth via the Fall cover, with its apparently drunken mistakes, but this one is a nice addition.

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