Saturday, January 31, 2009


Morrissey looks surprisingly good naked.

This confirms I am a raging geek, but this opera/Wrath of Khan video made me laugh and laugh.

Speaking of nerds, even President nerds are sad when people miss their jokes.

Now here is a challenge. The Congo wars are a subject about which I feel I should know more. They are the deadliest conflict of our age, but I can barely name the participants, the geographies or the issues at hand. Here is a (rare) book about the very subject. Tyler Cowen really likes it, but a reviewer at the very good Small Wars Journal hates it. And the Journal writer explains why unlike Cowen. So I guess I will wait for more reviews.

Amazon has a spring book preview. Lots of good looking stuff here including a supernatural thriller by Robert Masello, a new Tom Ricks book, a true story about hunting for lost cities in the Amazon, and a crime novel by Denis Johnson. Then there are the old books, the White Tiger has been in paperback for awhile. I really need to read that one.

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