Monday, July 14, 2008


It's one of those evenings, where the work has piled up and relief is needed. Thank goodness for iTunes which thoughtfully served up Built to Spill's fantastic Else, one of the most soothing songs of all time. Here is a good live version of the song. Here are a few other good songs for bringing down the stress that is work-related.

Soft Rock Star - Metric. Emily Haines is the most under-rated singer in rock. This one is one of her best. Don't shine for swine, indeed.

Steadier Footing - Death Cab for Cutie. A sad song about missed opportunity. So all the more appropriate for work.

I'm Your Villain - Franz Ferdinand. This one is for the petty disputes and bickering that make up many a work day. This should have gotten more airplay.

Don't Ask Me - PiL. The king of cynicism goes for out and out earnestness. I feel I shouldn't like this song and yet I do. I quite like the intro to the video.

Cruisin' - Michael Nesmith. So so good. Wait for Nesmith's freak out at the end.

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