Thursday, March 06, 2008

I'll swallow your soul, I'll swallow your soul

I've been in a B-movie sort of mood lately and Netflix and Multnomah County library have delivered.

After reading Marvel Zombies vs. the Army of Darkness, I felt a bit underwhelmed. This reaction led me to question my decades old affection for Evil Dead 2, which like Army of Darkness, is a movie about Ash fighting Deadites. I am pleased to report that Evil Dead 2 holds up quite well thanks to some bizarre dialogue, over-the-top effects, and Bruce Campbell's perfect B-movie acting. There is lots of blood in this movie, but not in a make you vomit Eli Roth kind of way. Rather it plays more like a comedic veiled satire of horror movies.

Razor, a Battlestar Galactica stand-alone movie, will appeal to fans of the current show. It fills in some gaps, provides some context for later events, but it also tells the story of (spoiler) the Pegasus. Don't watch this if you haven't seen the show before, as some experience with the show will make it much more entertaining.

Superbad is a great teen movie, although some may be put off by the wall of vulgarity. If you are not, you are in for a very funny movie, which well captures the 18-y/o male experience. The movie centers on the desperate attempt to get alcohol, which will hopefully facilitate the getting of action. While the story has been done many times, the movie brings quite a bit of originality to the subject.

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