Friday, March 14, 2008

Books on YouTube

I am not sure why I never looked, but there is a lot of book content on YouTube. Here is William Boyd talking about Restless, his recent foray into spy genre fiction. There are minor spoilers, so beware.

Here we have Charlie Huston talking about his latest the Shotgun Rule. It's a good introduction to the book, but suffers from the annoyingly frequent use of shotgun sounds. It is doubly annoying when the title refers to the rule of calling shotgun and not the weapons itself.

Here we have a two part conversation between Richard Morgan and Ian McDonald. Very fun, if like me, you like science fiction, but also some interesting bits about publishing in the US vs. the UK and the transition from book to film.

Below I have linked an interesting interview with Neil Gaiman. In it he talks about HP Lovecraft, what makes him great and why his followers have been less successful. It's taken from this documentary.

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