Sunday, October 21, 2007

No Christmas cards to send

The Ramones heyday predated the MTV era, which means their video production was scant. Not only that, but the selection is peculiar. Why does Howling at the Moon have a video, but not My Brain is Hanging Upside Down? In any case, here are many if not most of the Ramones videos up to the late 80s.

I Wanna Be Sedated. The one Ramones song you have probably heard too many times. It's not to the point of Jane Says, which I immediately turn off, but like How Soon is Now, it is the only song from a huge catalog that radio seems to like.

Rock and Roll Radio. One of the early videos that simply features the band playing. Notable primarily for the Phil Spector sound and Joey's rhythmic banging on the TV.

Rock and Roll High School. A contemporary to the thematically similar Don't Stand So Close to Me ( a highlight of which is Stewart Copeland throwing a ball at Sting) This one has more narrative action than Rock and Roll Radio. From the Rock and Roll High School film, we also have I Want You Around, which is a film clip, rather than a true video. This is notable for having PJ Soles as well as being perhaps the only example of a successful Ramones ballad.

Howling at the Moon. I think this is the first case where Joey overtly states his leftist ways, no doubt to the consternation of rightist Johnny. Odd video.

Psycho Therapy. From the under-rated Subterranean Jungle, this is one of the harder Ramones songs. The video starts off fairly weak and then gets increasingly bizarre. Starring the same guy from the Howling at the Moon video.

Pet Sematery. Decadence has set in by this point, but bright lights remain like this one. When considering going forward, they might have considered Jud Crandall's advice.

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