Saturday, October 20, 2007

Interpol in PDX

Interpol played the Memorial Coliseum last night. It was good, but I really prefer the smaller venues. Seeing them at the 9:30 club was intense, sitting in a large arena, not so much.

Songwise, there was lots from the new album, including an excellent Pace is the Trick. The crowd was most excited for Antics songs. The singalongs were loudest for the likes of C'Mere and Slow Hands. Turn on the Bright Lights fans only got one or two, although I was happy that they played Say Hello the Angels. That is the one that sounds like a Smiths B-side so maybe it was a hat-tip to man about town Johnny Marr.

There was a synth, back-up vocals member in addition to the band regulars. He was wearing a Panama Hat which had me worried that they might cover Mambo No. 5.

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