Thursday, December 11, 2008

A few upcoming movies which probably won't be good

Hmm, the new remake of Friday the 13th (trailer here) does not appear to really be a remake of Friday the 13th. We have the mother's voice over but the killer of this movie does appear to be the killer of Friday the 13th. The original movie wasn't bad with a few good surprises and some good lines (Kill her Mommy!) And it has the best explanation for why the drunk, sex crazed teens must die in all horror films. Of course it is crazy person reasoning, but at least it has some logic to it.

The new Terminator might not be terrible. I would be mad if Christian Bale spoiled his good movie streak. The line about this not being the future his mother told him about is odd.

Given my never ending love for films with Satanic/demonic threats, the Unborn looks fun. The dog with the human mask is creepy as is the use of the creepy contortionist crawling taken from the Exorcist deleted scene. But my favorite part is that Stringer Bell is an exorcist. The end of the movie looks quite a bit like Prince of Darkness, which is a good thing.


Citizen Reader said...

Just once I wouldn't mind seeing Christian Bale in something a little less, you know, apocalyptic. I don't know that I need him to be in a romantic comedy, just in something where he doesn't have to break out his scary low voice all the time. It's to the point where I just hear his low register and it makes me giggle because he's so serious.

I know. I'm juvenile.

Tripp said...

Well the gravelly Batman voice was really quite something. Did you see him in the Machinist? Sheesh.

It would be odd to see him in a romantic comedy. I would keep expecting dread forces to work their way into the story.

Citizen Reader said...

ooh, a romantic comedy with dread forces, that sounds AWESOME!

I have not seen the Machinist, but I want to. Except I once saw an interview where he was asked how his wife minds him playing all these dark characters, and he said she didn't particularly mind, and actually requests some of them for "role-playing," and one of the characters she requests is the guy from The Machinist. Which seemed a bit weird, actually, doesn't he play a dark character in that too? I like Christian Bale but I get this feeling that the less I know about him, the better.

Tripp said...

Hmmm, i request that Christian keeps all info re: "role-playing" to himself. Sounds a little too kinky.

I wouldn't call the character in the Machinist dark so much as....well I can't say without giving too much away. I did quite like this movie, which is small and arty.