Monday, August 18, 2008


Check out Andrew Bacevich on Bill Moyers. It's a good interview. Early Word notes that shortly after the interview, Bacevich's new book shot to the top of the Amazon sales list. It is now back-ordered.

Wow, just finished watching, that is some television reporting right there. This is essential watching.


Citizen Reader said...

Ha! I caught some of this on Sunday morning and tried to make the mister watch. I probably should have sold it better than, "Oooh, Andrew Bacevich, I LOVE him, AND I have a total crush on Bill Moyers."

Seriously. Everything I've ever read by Bacevich was right on.

Tripp said...

Yeah I think your pitches need work. Watch the vid, it is about as good as you can get on TV.

I am looking forward to the Bacevich book.