Monday, December 24, 2007


I hope every one is enjoying Christmas. I made the family egg nog and although I dialed it back a bit, it remains best for those with at least a 16 Constitution.

This Sci Fi sound quiz is fun. I scored 85 out of 100. From the same site is news of another Dune movie.

One of the best named blogs of all time, Steamboats Are Ruining Everything, has a number of posts on the dire effects of a decline in reading. They relate back to an article the blogger, Caleb Crain, wrote for the New Yorker.

Check out the vitriol in this discussion of creepy kids books.

The NYRB has republished Norman Mailer's reporting from the 1968 conventions.

The link to which is points is subscription only, but BookDaddy reports that the bulk of our knowledge of the Nordic gods comes from a single text!


Brack said...

71. Oh the shame of it.

Tripp said...

Does the shame lie that it is so low or so high?

Neill said...

86! and yes, there is a quandry as to whether one celebrates like a tusken raider holding a gaffi stick over his head and croaking or hiding in the muck like a dianoga.

Tripp said...

I think it is best to hold your head high and accept who and what you are.